Tuesday 20 February 2018

While the remarkable rebuilding and rehabilitation of Dresden is of a much more recent vintage, the historicist design of Haus Altmark (Herbert Schneider, 1953-1956) in that city is another good example of the Socialist Classicism of the DDR.

(c.f. Leipzig Opera House)

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15 Feb 2016 7:44 pm

I am sure that you did not mean to slight Schneider’s colleague Johannes Rascher, who had at least as much to do with the rebuilding (such as it was) of Dresden after the war and the devastating effects of the war crime of 13 -15 February 1945.
Rascher and Schneider were neither of them Party members; both fell into disfavour; Rascher escaped to the West in 1961. He lived out his days in Wiesbaden, dying there in 2006, aged 101.

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